UFO’s Getting Prime-Time Coverage In The Mainstream Media

UFO’s Getting Prime-Time Coverage In The Mainstream Media

Published: January 29, 2019 | Source: The Cube Chronicle

UFO’s—flying saucers—glowing balls of light. Whatever you want to call them, people have been seeing them in the skies for thousands of years.

Traditionally, bringing up the topic of ‘aliens’ outside the small but growing community of believers drew instant scorn…nervous mockery.

Media coverage of the topic has been…well…oppressive. Historically, reporters have shied away from reporting on the phenomena in ways other than those which are approved for mass consumption.

Let’s face it: there’s some weird stuff going on out there but very few in the mainstream media are talking about it!

Stories tagged with national security flags at large news desks are no doubt mined directly from government press releases…not the minds of truth-seeking journalists.

One of the more recognizable figures in the media helping shed light on the cover-up is Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who dedicated a slot of his prime-time segment to the subject on Jan. 23.

Carlson is by no means a first-timer when talking about things extraterrestrial, he has done segments on the phenomena before, as have others, but never with this frequency.

The Jan. 23 broadcast focused on a recent release of documents by the DIA which was initiated by a long-standing FOIA request…just now being honored. The 28-page release touched on various topics previously classified by the military including: the subject of flying discs, portals to other dimensions, and life on other planets.

Well-known UFO researcher and journalist Nick Pope was Carlson’s guest for the segment and offered his professional take on the document dump.

Pope is known for being a straight-shooter among his peers in the field and not straying too far off into the ‘conspiratorial’, which is a good thing, as the disclosure community has been hit with a wave of sure phonies in recent years.

from the ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ Jan. 23rd broadcast:

Tucker: Why doesn’t the government just say…and I don’t think it would be especially controversial…we believe it’s possible that there are other forms of life in the universe and we’re looking into it…why hide that?
Pope: Well I hope that’s exactly what they will now say.

Pope is a well-respected member of the UFO community and brings a wealth of government-insider knowledge to the subject – derived from his employment at the British Government’s Ministry of Defence from 1985 to 2006.

Recent mentions of the UFO subject in mainstream media:

  • Multiple pilots have reported encounters with UFOs, Navy says – (Fox News) May 29, 2019…Article
  • Tucker Carlson Tonight w/ special guest journalist Nick Pope – (Fox News) Jan. 23, 2019…Episode
  • “More than just UFOs: Pentagon’s secret program researched wormholes, invisibility & death-rays” – (RT News) Jan. 23, 2019 Article
  • “Mysterious ‘UFO’ spotted over South Carolina ignites speculation about aliens” – (Fox News) Jan. 2, 2019…Article
  • “UFOs spotted off Irish coast under investigation” – (BBC News) Nov. 13, 2018 Article
  • “Former Pentagon UFO official: We may not be alone” – (CNN) Dec. 19, 2017…Article

Video via Fox News:

Last updated: June 16, 2019
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