Two Protesters Killed In Venezuela During Clashes Over Aid Trucks At The Border

Two Protesters Killed In Venezuela During Clashes Over Aid Trucks At The Border

Published: February 24, 2019 | Source: The Cube Chronicle

Venezuela – Two protesters were killed in the Venezuelan town of Santa Elena de Uairen Saturday during clashes with soldiers who successfully blocked a convoy of foreign-aid trucks aid from entering the country.

Tension remain high between Venezuelan troops and protesters as President Nicolas Maduro stands firm on his promise to block any shipments of foreign aid trying to cross the border.

Maduro has stated that any attempts to enter the small socialist nation by outsiders will be treated as an act of war and has promised to respond to any efforts with force.

On Saturday, troops loyal to Maduro set a truck on fire that was trying to cross the Colombia-Venezuela border with aid supplies.

Widespread unrest broke out in the nation in January after Venezuela’s National Assembly President, Nicolas Maduro, declared himself interim president, quickly gaining the support of leaders world-wide including the United States, Canada, and France.

Last updated: February 13, 2020
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