Trump Stuns In ABC News Interview – Claims He Does Not Believe In UFO’s

Trump Stuns In ABC News Interview – Claims He Does Not Believe In UFO’s

Published: June 16, 2019 | Source: The Cube Chronicle

In a stunning statement to ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos on Saturday, President Donald Trump claimed he didn’t ‘particularly’ believe in the existence of UFO’s.

The remarks came during an interview which aired over the weekend that covered a wide-range of political issues.

When pressed on the topic of flying saucers, the president admitted that he had recently been briefed on the subject by members of the Navy.

When asked what he made of reports by military pilots who claimed to have encountered unknown objects in the skies, the President initially seemed to dismiss the notion.

From the Saturday interview:

Stephanopoulos: I was struck in the last few couple of weeks, we’re reading more and more reports of Navy pilots seeing lots and lots of UFO’s. Have you been briefed on that? What do you make of it?

Trump: I want them to think whatever they think. I did have one very brief meeting on it. But people are saying they’re seeing UFO’s. Do I believe it? Not particularly.

Trump appears to lighten on the issue a bit when asked further if he thought he would have even been told if there was evidence of extraterrestrial life. “Well, I think my great pilots would know. Our great pilots would know. They see things a little bit different from the past. So we’re going to see. We’re watching…and you’ll be the first to know”, he replied.

If the President was truthful in his denial, it would conflict with recent reports from self-proclaimed whistle-blowers inside the embattled UFO community that he is currently working with high-level military insiders to help disclose the alien presence.

We can only hope that the President has in-fact accepted the alien reality, but was forced to word his answers in a way so as not to give bait to a predatory media looking for any excuse to brand the president as unstable and take him down.

Last updated: June 16, 2019
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