‘The Nimitz Encounters’ – Documentary Featuring Navy Pilots Who Encountered ‘Tic Tac’ UFO Fleet Just Released

‘The Nimitz Encounters’ – Documentary Featuring Navy Pilots Who Encountered ‘Tic Tac’ UFO Fleet Just Released

Published: May 31, 2019 | Source: The Cube Chronicle

“An entire fleet of flying objects that seemed to defy the laws of gravity and were shaped like a Tic Tac.” This is just one of the stunning accounts relayed to independent filmmaker Dave Beaty by U.S. naval aviators in his newly-released documentary titled ‘The Nimitz Encounters.’

The topic of disclosure has really exploded in recent months and it seems like we are receiving new revelations almost daily, many coming from whistle-blowers inside the military.

Beaty’s film focuses on the captivating experiences of several naval aviators stationed aboard the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz while flying missions over the Pacific Ocean in 2004.

The pilots reported encountering ‘747-sized’ objects resembling a giant white ‘Tic Tac’ over the course of several months during training missions. In several incidents, an entire fleet of the objects was recorded.

The objects, which showed no visible signs of propulsion or heat exhaust, were captured on radar as well as ‘up close and personal’ flying at impossible speeds that seemed to defy the the laws of gravity.

In one case, radar captured one of the objects dropping from 18,000 feet to sea level in a matter of seconds, then diving into the ocean to avoid detection after being approached by a Navy jet. The event was confirmed in the documentary during an interview with a female pilot who says she spotted the object hovering right below the surface of the water and initially mistook it for a plane that had just crashed.

FLIR footage of a Tic Tac UFO recorded by the U.S. Navy - USS Nimitz 2004
FLIR footage of ‘Tic Tac’ UFO – USS Nimitz 2004

The incidents aboard the USS Nimitz were largely unknown until recently after the former director of the military’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, Luis Elizondo, provided radar footage from one of the incidents to mainstream media outlets such as Fox and CNN, who proceeded to run with it.

Elizondo claims he resigned as director of the program in 2017 after what he called frustration with the ‘cover up’ going on inside the bureaucracy at the Pentagon.

Elizondo is currently working with a small group of highly-credentialed military insiders that claim to be working towards the common goal of transparency. The group is connected to former Blink-182 front-man Tom Delonge, who claims responsibility for bringing the men together. Elizondo and the group were featured on The History Channel’s brand new series dedicated to the UFO subject titled ‘Unidentified’ which premiered Friday night.

In the documentary, Beaty goes on-the-record with four Navy personnel who experienced these incredible events first-hand while stationed aboard the aircraft carrier as well as others who agreed to speak on camera under the condition of anonymity.

The film is informative and well produced with some impressive CGI re-enactments of the events that occurred, I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the subject. More information can be found on the filmmakers website at: The Nimitz Encounters.

Watch the full documentary here:

Last updated: June 1, 2019
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