Civil War Inside The UFO Community? Gaia TV’s Jay Weidner Comes Out Against Corey Goode, Calls Him A ‘Cult Leader’

Civil War Inside The UFO Community? Gaia TV’s Jay Weidner Comes Out Against Corey Goode, Calls Him A ‘Cult Leader’

Published: May 18, 2019 | Source: The Cube Chronicle

A highly accomplished film producer and respected member of the UFO community shook things up last week after slamming well-known ‘whistle-blower’ Corey Goode…accusing him of being a fraud.

Gaia TV’s former lead content producer, Jay Weidner, recently appeared in a video interview with YouTuber ‘Groovie Bean’ and made some disturbing allegations against his old not-so-favorite co-worker that took many people in the tight-knit community by surprise.

In the interview Weidner describes his historical and public depiction of Goode as a believable ‘insider’ as genuine, but explains that he lost faith in Corey over time as he experienced numerous incidents which brought Goode’s credibility into question, at one point calling the self-proclaimed whistle-blower a ‘cult leader’. Ouch.

In the interview, Weidner recounts an incident in which Corey was caught plagiarizing specific content from the popular YouTube channel ‘SecureTeam10’ just days after the content aired.

At another point in the broadcast, Weidner slams another Gaia TV employee, David Wilcock, who credits himself for initially convincing Goode to come onto the scene and tell his story…calling him ‘naive’.

Weidner and Goode began working together in 2015 after Goode was hired on at the offices of Gaia TV, whose offices are located in Boulder, Colorado.

Weidner was already working as the entertainment company’s lead content producer at the time of Goode’s hire, and eventually became involved in producing the popular ‘Cosmic Disclosure’ series.

In the series, Goode makes several extraordinary claims, including having participated in a top-secret military program as a child titled ‘MILAB’ (Military Abduction).

Goode claims that in this program people are indoctrinated and trained to participate in a variety of different black-operations run by criminal elements inside the U.S. government.

Goode further claims to have used the training derived while in the program to act as an intermediary of sorts between extraterrestrial’s and humans for the U.S. military at various locations in space, including a well-populated base on the moon that was built by the Nazi’s in the 1930’s.

Watch the full interview here:

Last updated: May 20, 2019
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