Woman Who Assaulted Man Wearing MAGA Hat In Restaurant Arrested By ICE, Faces Deportation

Woman Who Assaulted Man Wearing MAGA Hat In Restaurant Arrested By ICE, Faces Deportation

Published: February 27, 2019 | Source: The Cube Chronicle

The woman who was arrested in Massachusetts earlier this month after being caught on camera assaulting a man wearing a MAGA hat, was arrested again on Monday and is now facing deportation proceedings by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Rosiane Santos, 41, was originally arrested on assault charges by the Falmouth Police Department on Feb. 15 after officers responded to a report of a disturbance at a local business.

In a statement by ICE on Monday, authorities said:

“Rosiane Santos is currently facing local charges for assault and other offenses. She is presently in ICE custody and has been entered into removal proceedings before the federal immigration courts.”

Bryton Turner, a 23-year-old Mashpee resident, told police he was enjoying his meal at Casa Vallarta, a Mexican restaurant, when an irate woman approached him and began hurling insults and demanding he take his ‘Make America Great Again’ hat off.

When Turner refused, the woman removed the hat from his head and tossed it across the bar multiple times before he began recording the incident on his phone.

In the video, Santos is seen taking Turner’s hat off again, then pulling it down over his eyes and hurling various profanities as he sits at the bar.

According to an incident report filed by police, Santos assaulted Turner again, in front of deputies, as she was being escorted from the restaurant.

In an interview with Boston Herald writer Howie Carr, Turner said that he heard Santos telling the bartender to “poison this kid’s drink.”

Santos is a citizen of Brazil who has been living illegally in the United States since 1994 after overstaying a tourist visa, according to ICE officials.

From the video, it doesn’t appear that Turner did anything to provoke the Feb. 15 attack.

Last updated: February 13, 2020
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